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Subscribers of fleet management systems that contain verifiable fuel volume and value transactions, have access to measurement and quantification of carbon emissions system and reports of vehicle fleets in Southern Africa.

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Effectively manage your
carbon footprint

Green Fleet Management enables you to effectively manage your
carbon footprint and report your progress in reducing emissions to
employees, shareholders and the public.
Measure Emissions and
Set Goals

The carbon footprint is calulated and
reported using live data on a monthly
basis using our online reporting system.

Find comparative vehicles
with lower emissions

Use our vehicle selector to review
benchmark vehicles and find vehicles
with lower emissions.
Offset your carbon emissions
through investment

Invest savings from lower fuel costs in to
carbon offset projects to effectively zero
out your fleet’s gas impact.
Report your progress in
reducing emissions

Get measurable results by means of
reports, which can be provided to
employees, shareholders and the public.
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